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Visit Apollo Hosting and try their Site Symphony Demo

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Make Your Own Website


The best way to make your own website when starting out is using HTML code.

This method gives you more flexibility for developing the website that you want. It will also increase your knowledge of how websites work if you want to go on to more advanced options later on.

The process of making websites with HTML code is a lot easier than you may think.

Yes, there are tools out there that don't require you to learn any code, but why settle for someone else's design when you could create your own.

If you choose a web site builder that doesn't require you to learn code, you still have to learn to use the tool. Why not spend that energy learning to build websites the right way?

I've found that the best path to success is to try to learn a little bit of code so that you can make a decision on what kind of tool you want to use to design your site.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this web site will be to teach you how to take a very basic web page template, turn into a website with HTML code, then put it on the internet.

If you just can't master the art of coding, I'll recommend some products that will make the task of building your site as easy as writing a letter.

When you are ready to publish your web pages on the internet I'll show you how. I'll recommend some web hosting companies that will supply you with a good service at a price to fit your budget.

I should make it clear that any products or services that I recommend to you, are services or products that I am using or have used in the past. I don't expect you to use anything that I don't use myself.

Getting Started

Run through the lessons starting with the HTML Primer. If you just can't get the nack of coding we have other options available and you can try all of them for free.

If you find that you are a natural at making web pages with HTML code, I've put together some helps and resources that will speed the process of getting your website online.

Which ever path you choose I strongly recommend that you read the lesson on Adding Content before you start to build your site.

Let's get started!!

HTML Primer

The Right Tool

Adding Content

Make Your Template


Additional Helps

Modifying Your Template

More HTML Code

Color Schemes

Color Code Chart

Graphic Headings

Recommended Products

I Need Help

Sample Sites

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 5

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