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Hexidecimal Color Code Chart

Here are just a few colors and their hexidecimal equivalents. If you want more choices use the Color Scheme Tool.

Standard Pallet colors are in bold text. SPC are more likely to appear the same from browser to browser.

Color Name Hex Code Sample
violet ff00ff
pink/violet ff00cc
deeppink ff1493
hotpink ff0066
candyapplered ff0055
red ff3333
brightred ff3300
truered ff0000
firebrick b22222
darkred cc3333
crimson dc143c
orangered ff4500
orange ff6600
coral ff6666
darkorange ff8c00
pumpkin ff9900
peach ff9966
oldgold ffcc00
darkgold ffcc33
mediumgold ffcc66
gold ffd700
brightyellow ffff00
yellow ffff66
greenyellow adff2f
chartreuse 7fff00
lawngreen 7cfc00
brightgreen 00ff00
lime 00ff00
grassgreen 00cc00
limegreen 32cd32
mediumseagreen 3cb371
forestgreen 228b22
green 009900
mediumgreen 006600
darkgreen 003300
darkteal 006666
darkcyan 008b8b
mediumteal 009999
lightseagreen 20b2aa
honeydew f0fff0
Color Name Hex Code Sample
purple cc00ff
hotpink ff69b4
pink ff9999
pink ffcccc
palevioletred d87093
mediumvioletred c71585
darkmagneta 8b008b
purple 663399
lightsteelblue b0c4de
darkorchid 9932cc
purple/blue 9900ff
violet 990099
bloodred 990000
darkviolet 660066
purple 660099
indigo 4b0082
darkslateblue 483d8b
slateblue 6a5acd
mediumslateblue 7b68ee
darkblue 330099
midnightblue 191970
navy 003366
deepblue 003399
blue 0033cc
brightblue 0000ff
royalblue 4169e1
dodgerblue 1e90ff
lightblue 99ccff
gunmetalblue 336699
mediumblue 3399cc
mediumblue 0099cc
mediumblue 6699cc
deepskyblue 00bfff
babyblue 00ccff
lightskyblue 87cefa
darkturquoise 00ced1
turquoise 66cccc
powderblue 00e0e6
cyan or aqua 00ffff


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