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Make Your Own Website

Products and Resources

Here is my list of products and resources that you can use to make your own website. These are all products or services that I am currently using or have used in the past.


If you don't want to learn to make a website with HTML code the following resources provide a WYSIWYG editor that you can try for free.


Yahoo!! You know the name. Did you know they offer a free website builder? You can actually download it and use it free for as long as it takes you to develop a website. And you don't have to have any coding knowledge. It includes 382 designs for different business types and even personal type websites. It includes a graphics gallery. You can build forms like guestbooks and polls.

You do have to Publish your finished site on Yahoo's free or paid web hosting services. Free fun sites can be Published at GeoCities. Business or organizational sites are Published at Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting.

You do need to open a free account to download the free builder.


BlueHost offers their own website builder. I have tried it out, but have never Published a website using it. I do use their web hosting.


If you are on a tight budget, you can build your web site with the impressive and popular SiteSTUDIO website builder at CreateaSite.BIZ.

You don't need any coding experience to use SiteSTUDIO and you can try it out before you pay any money. SiteSTUDIO offers hundreds of template designs. Very easy to learn.

I have built and published websites with this software. About the only criticism I have for this product is the template selection. I found them to be a bit drab. They are however, adding new templates on a regular basis.

Conventional HTML Editors

Note Tab Light

Every once in a while you can find something on the internet that is free and worthwhile. The Note Tab Light text and HTML editor by Fookes software is both. It has all the features of a conventional HTML that you'd pay good money for. It's really free and easy to learn. Download It Now.

Graphics Software

Xara WebStyle 4

I've been using Xara products for almost 10 years. I own Xara 3D6, WebStyle 4, Xara Xtreme and Webster 2

Out of all these products I use WebStyle 4 the most. I use it to optimize every image that I place on a website. I use it to create the buttons, bullets, headings, backgrounds and any other graphic that you can find on my websites. You can even use it to create your own website templates.

In addition it has generators for logos, dividers, 3d graphics and banners.

I've tried a lot of graphics software. Nothing compares to WebStyle 4. You won't find anything close to this price for this quality of software. You won't find another product that allows you to do so many things. You won't find another product that is so easy to use!!

I recommend WebStyle 4 to everybody that needs graphics software. Get a free trial. Then hold out for the discounts they'll offer you. You won't regret buying this product.

Web Hosting


I've tried a lot of different web hosting companies over the years. A lot of them had lousy service and even worse support.

I finally ended up setting up my own reseller website and buying web hosting from myself. My reseller site is CreateaSite.BIZ. I have 4 websites hosted there.

The support is pretty good. You can usually post a trouble ticket and get an answer back in about 15 minutes. There is always somebody there and I've posted tickets at 2 in the morning and gotten a pretty quick response.

The up time is almost 100%. I did have some problems recently with my main website. I asked to be moved to a new server and because it took them 3 days to complete the transfer, I moved the site to a different web host. My website wasn't down all this time, but I was having trouble getting my stat files.

Other than that, I've had no problems with CreateaSite.BIZ hosting in 3 years. You can't say that about many web hosts.

I set the prices low on this service to help people on tight budgets like myself. This is good quality hosting for a very reasonable price.


I recently transfered my main website to BlueHost. My new account was set up in minutes. I chose BlueHost because of the affordable price, the generous resources and the fact that you can host more than one website on the account. I also read a lot of reviews about Bluehost and found very few negative remarks about the service. I just added as my second site and it went online without a hitch.

FTP Software


There is some free FTP software out there that you can use to publish your website and upload changes. None of it compares to what I use.

I highly recommend CuteFTP for its power and ease of use. The price won't break your wallet. Visit and get a 30 day free trial.


You can get a free version of CoreFTP. It includes many features that will speed the process of transfering web pages. Go to and download CoreFTP LE.


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