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Make Your Own Website

Choose the Right Site Building Tool

After completing the lessons in the HTML Primer, you may be confused, pulling your hair out and ready to quit!

One good thing about the internet today, is that the technology for making websites has improved so much that you don't have to learn to code to build a great web site.

You will have a lot more flexibility if you do master the coding process, but if you're just one of those people with 5 thumbs and have trouble breaking eggs, there's still hope.

With the advance of the internet have come WYSIWYG HTML editors.

A 'What You See Is What You Get' type of editor makes it possible for anybody to create a great looking website without typing a line of code. YAHOO has a great one!!

Most provide a ton of designs that you can choose from. Pick a design and start plugging in your own text. You can even add your own pictures, music or mp3 files and create interactive features like guestbooks, polls and information forms.

It's all drag and drop, cut and paste and you don't have to learn a smidge of code. You do have to take the time to learn to use the tool. Most come with built in tutorials that will guide you each step of the way.

If you lost some hair or added some wrinkles in the HTML Primer section you can proceed to our software and products reviews and look for free trials and tools that you can use to make your website.

If you breezed through the Primer, your choice will be much easier.

You can choose to proceed using a simple text editor to make your website.

You might want to choose a WYSIWYG type editor because of the predesigned templates that they offer. You'll also be able to edit code if you want to add special features by hand.

Or you could choose to make your own website with a conventional HTML editor.

Whether you choose a text editor or conventional HTML editor, your next step will be completing the lesson on Adding Content. Then you'll be ready to Make Your Own Website by grabbing the web page template of your choice and modifying it to fit your needs.


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