Make Your Own Website

Make Your Own Web Page Template

A web page template is a prebuilt web page that can be modified to suit your tastes. We have provided 5 for you to choose from.

Using a template to build your site will not only speed up the process of making additional pages, but will create a consistency of appearance and usability in your site.

In this step of your website development, you'll choose a web page template and modify it to make your own. Your template will then be used to build each of the pages in your website.

Before you choose a template:
1...Complete the lesson on Adding Content.
2...Study the lesson on Color Schemes
3...Create a flow chart or an outline of the website that you want to make.

The image below shows a simple flow chart of the orginal website that I wanted to build when I started this one.

The navigational system of your website is a very important part of your template. Creating the flowchart will help when you begin to design it.

You are also going to need a name for your website and be thinking about a suitable domain name.

Choosing a Layout

The diagrams shown below are the 5 template designs we offer. We've made them so that they are easy to modify. The templates are designed with single row tables.

The top table on each template will contain your document heading graphic. You can order these free from our Graphics Department. Do Not place your order until you've decided on a color scheme.

Click on the diagrams for templates in their raw form and sample web pages made with the templates.
This website was built using Template #1

Copy the the code and the CSS style sheet as instructed.

Then go to Modifying Your Template for instructions on altering borders and making changes to the CSS style sheet which controls the appearance of text and links on the web page.


HTML Primer

The Right Tool

Adding Content


Additional Helps

Modifying Your Template

More HTML Code

Color Schemes

Color Code Chart

Graphic Headings

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Sample Sites

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